2015 CPN Pre-Golf Party

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Exotics Racing
6925 Speedway Blvd

Las Vegas  Nevada


Dress Code:

No racing suits are required. Open-toe shoes, sandals, and high-heels are not allowed. Close-toe shoes will be provided to anyone who does not have proper footwear.


You must properly wear your helmet throughout the entire time in the car. Helmets are provided at no cost and all standard helmet sizes are available

About Exotics Racing Road Course

The state of the art road course was designed by Romain Thievin (successful professional racecar driver from France) and his business partner David Perisset who are the founders of Exotics Racing. It was specially designed for the high performance vehicles available at Exotics Racing and has been validated by the official track designer for the Indy Car Series. The 1.2 mile track has 7 turns and features an 1,800 ft. straight as well as a high speed banked bowl (Turn 2) where you really get to experience what a supercar can do at speeds well above what’s legal on any road in the United States.