Conquer Paralysis Now at the World's Fourth-Oldest University



CPN at CambridgeOn 25th November, InnoCentive went to the University of Cambridge in the UK, to host a discussion on the recently launched 2nd round of Conquer Paralysis Now grants. As he did at Kings College London in February, guest speaker and CPN Science Advisory Council member, Professor James Fawcett graced us with this presence. This time round he was imparting his wisdom on a crowd full of Researchers, Neuroscientists and Cambridge Students. Mikey Hanson from InnoCentivethen gave a round-up of the Challenge Program, Stage I grants and application process.

CPN at CambridgeProfessor Fawcett, presented his insights into interesting areas that he believed CPN could potentially fund this round. He drew inspiration from the first 12 funded grantees from the CPN Challenge and took into consideration the end goal of the organization. James's passion for spinal cord injury research comes through as he so effortlessly talks about axon regeneration, plasticity and clinical studies. He most certainly leaves food for thought in any attendee's mind.

CPN at CambridgeNext, it was Mikey's turn to present the 10 year Challenge Program. He started by speaking about the 6 Stage I award categories: New Investigator, Collaboration, cross-over, Translation, Out of the Box and Reaching & Grasping - making sure to highlight the new rules! Each category will still receive one award, but this round and going forward the remaining 6 prizes will goes to those with the strongest applications regardless of the category. He then touched on the all-important Trial & Error Prize. There is now a total of $6,000 available for each round of prizes and the deadline is conveniently on the same date as applications for the Stage I grants: January 21, 2016.

It’s great meeting so many inspiring and dedicated people at these CPN events. If you are interested in hosting us at your university or organization, then do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing us here: