Alan Lewis

Alan Lewis
Alan Lewis is a highly experienced senior executive with a background in automotive and packing manufacturing and sales.
He was the C.E.O. and President of his family business, Createc Corporation, from 2001 through the end of 2010.  Createc, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana was a molder of expanded highly engineered foam – with four manufacturing plants across the US and in Mexico. Alan expanded the company into new automotive markets and Createc successfully developed customer relationships with most U.S., European and Asian car manufacturers.  Createc also became the preeminent supplier of packaging foam to several global consumer-manufacturing companies.

In 2010, Alan led the successful sale of his company to a private equity firm in New York City.  He immediately assumed a leadership role in the integration of Createc with a subsidiary company, and also became a member of the Board of Directors of the combined entity.  With the subsequent resale of the company, Lewis resigned as Board Member and no longer plays an active role in the management of the company.

Alan remains active in the automotive field, as a racecar driver, sponsor and inventor.  He holds a number of patents for race car seats that resulted in safer and lighter seats, currently used in the majority of Indy Car racecars. With Alan’s extensive knowledge of racecars, foamed plastics, and a desire to always improve safety, he is currently working on what he hopes to be the world’s safest child seat.  It is in the final stages of development and Alan and his business partner plan to commercialize the seat in 2016.

Alan is also involved in a business partnership designing and building a drivetrain for electric bikes. The drivetrain was initially one part of an overall plan to build a high speed/long range electric bicycle specifically designed for police departments, emergency medical technicians and other first responders.  

Plans are still in place to develop the electric bike for first responders, but the bigger plan is to commercialize the drivetrain and have it available to all OEM bike manufacturers. The first version of prototypes was received quite well with the Indianapolis, Chicago, and New York Police departments.  The group is now working on the second version of prototypes based on input from the various departments. 

Alan lives in Indianapolis, IN, with his wife Charlotte, and their two children, Andrew and Alexis.