Lisa Ardito

Lisa Ardito

Lisa has an extensive entrepreneurial background and a history of working for charitable causes.  Lisa attended Seton Hall University where she majored in Finance. While in college she worked as an accountant and purchasing agent for a healthcare start-up, Q-Med. Inc. Upon graduation, she joined Prudential in the pension claims department administering pension plans with large corporations such as Chubb, etc. She developed and implemented new technological strategies to streamline the lengthy calculation process participants relied on to determine their monthly pensions.

In 1987, Lisa answered her entrepreneurial calling by opening a toning fitness salon; her dedication, motivation and assertiveness, resulted in a successful business with rapidly growing clientele. Lisa later expanded her entrepreneurial activities with a jewelry boutique, buying and selling and keeping up with trendy fashions in jewelry and accessories. Lisa's success afforded her husband, David the opportunity to become his own entrepreneur in the hazardous waste industry.

In 1995, Lisa joined David and became the President of Environmental Rail Solutions. Her responsibilities included designs concerning project acceptability, office management, legal matters and accounting. Lisa continues to oversee client customer relations and project advancements.

Lisa has always been a committed, active leader in her community and dedicates much of her time to nonprofit organizations. Lisa worked as chairperson for several different PTA fundraising functions, raising their profits and participants to a much higher level.

In 2009, Lisa was asked to help raise funds in support of a family whose son suffered a traumatic brain injury, leaving him in a coma for treatment with International Brian Research Foundation (IBRF). Treatment costs for his first year’s treatment was $100,000.00. Lisa's objective was to keep the event costs low and raise the necessary funds. Lisa and her daughter initiated an annual walkathon. She developed marketing strategies, material for media advertising, storefront advertising and street advertising. Lisa provided strategic direction and leadership to her volunteers and encouraged commitment and involvement. Together they not only raised the funds for the IBRF treatment but also to cover other unpaid medical expenses. Over the past several years this activity has grown to over 525 participants with 100% of the monies going directly to treatment costs.

Lisa and her husband enjoy travelling; they have been throughout the United States, the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean. They also continue to enjoy their 2 children who are both in their young 20’s. She moved to New Jersey at the age of 5 from Maine where she spent all of her adult life working and living in the same community.