The CPN Challenge

The goal of the Conquer Paralysis Now (CPN) Challenge is to accelerate the development of treatments for spinal cord injury (SCI) in order to provide significant improvements in patients' quality of life. The CPN Challenge program plans to award nearly 20 million dollars in grants and prizes over the next ten years. The first team that can reach unprecedented improvement in every day functions of people living with chronic SCI will win the $10 million Grand Prize.

Additional supporting prizes and grants will guide innovators toward this final goal. The proposed CPN Challenge program is divided into three stages of increasing difficulty. Stage I has been launched with the ambition of providing seed funding to a wide range of non-traditional approaches. For more information about each of these grants and application instructions please click here.

Stage I grants will recur annually for the first six years of the Challenge program with two grants of $50,000 available for each of the six categories. Applications for Year 1 are now closed but please check back in the coming months for further details about the launch of Year 2.

Following this, Stage II will set significant milestone prizes for translating basic science into animal and human application. Together, these stages will guide the community toward the final $10 million prize in Stage III.

For questions regarding the CPN Challenge, please email or consult our CPN Challenge FAQs page.