How to Enter

We ask that all Trial & Error Prize submissions be published on ResearchGate so that fellow researchers have the opportunity to learn from each other and judge each other’s entries. Your entry must be a ResearchGate publication and not a PDF, Word document or any other format. This is to ensure all entries can be openly reviewed by fellow SCI researchers and those in adjacent fields.


To enter, please email with a link to your ResearchGate publication, a short abstract, and confirmation of the authors’ names, institutions/organizations and laboratory, if applicable.

In order to enter the Prize, you will also need to agree to the terms and conditions as listed here. At the bottom of your email, you must therefore also state:

“By entering the Prize, the authors hereby agree to its terms and conditions, as outlined here.”

When you publish an article on ResearchGate, you can attach a PDF or word document. However, if you simply email us a PDF or Word document that has not been published on ResearchGate, your entry will be ineligible. Please see below for further instructions.



When publishing on ResearchGate, you will be given 3 options (as you can see above). Please select “All other research” to enter the Trial & Error prize. This will allow applicants to enter previously unpublished articles and more easily submit negative data.


You will then be prompted to this page where you can upload files (such as Word documents and PDFs) and enter the title of your article.